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The need for creative expression has always been on my Life's Agenda; it fills a need to give something good back to the world rather than always taking.  I always thought the process of putting paint to board is magical and this thought permeates my painting.  I imagine being part of a community that began with cave painting and continues today...where the paints and brushes have remained the same over the centuries.  It's such a privilege to see the work through the eyes of an artist. 


Stephen's new work is represented by:


Ghost Ship Gallery,

All the paintings you see on this website are done in Oil on untempered board.



My "Frame of Mind"...

When we consider original paintings, we seldom throw away an original painting.  At least, we would pass the painting on to a relative or friend that would enjoy having it on their wall.  It does my heart good to know that all the hours I spend on a painting will likely endure some place or another once it departs my studio. 




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