Stephen J. Krasemann

Artist of the Wild

The art world continues on life support as major galleries have remained closed and art promotion has gone to virtual instead of in-person happenings. 

Everyone is so weary with the bummer news of Covid-19 (and of the US election).

I think of how my friends* are visiting me every day in my world.  We’re outside but there are no restrictions on gathering numbers, most days there are dozens. But masks are appreciated— because they warm the air I’m breathing.  

There’s always things to do (moving moisture, i.e. Snow) and with the seclusion and wildlife, I’m content to watch the world go by.  


(* nuthatch, chickadee, bluejays, whiskeyjacks, ruffed grouse, red squirrels, flying squirrels, snowshoe hares, red fox, whitetails and an occasional wolf)