Stephen J. Krasemann

Artist of the Wild

Autumn is approaching--my Cayenne peppers are in a second bloom and  are producing myriad new skinny red peppers by the dozens.  I’ll bring the plant in to ripen once frost arrives as it’s in a large bucket and I can move it in and out with a hand cart.   

The art world has imploded this year.  Galleries are closing, exhibitions have cancelled or postponed (including the annual Group of Stephen Exhibit at the Baggage Building Arts Centre--which has shuttered their doors).  Not much has changed since I wrote this but Thunder Bay has stepped up and is hosting a virtual visual art exhibition.  You can find out more at:

My annual summer painting course at Confederation College was cancelled but the college said they would like to reinstate the course once they feel it’s safe to do so.  I’m willing, stay tuned.

I’m still doing a lot of “porch’in”, but that will soon end or I’ll have to wear a jacket to sit outside.  Stay healthy.