Stephen J. Krasemann

Artist of the Wild



 Summer is here and it’s hot--my Cayenne peppers love it and are producing skinny red peppers already. 

The art world has imploded this year.  Galleries are closing, exhibitions have cancelled or postponed (including the annual Group of Stephen Exhibit at the Baggage Building Arts Centre--which has shuttered their doors). 

My annual summer painting course at Confederation College has been delayed (it hasn’t happened).  No staff are allowed in the college buildings, at least until mid-July.  I’m talking with the college about doing my course beginning in September but no one knows if they’ll allow “In-person” classes.  So some of my incentive for painting has diminished, although, luckily, it always seems to return. 

I live in the woods so I’m doing a lot of “porch’in”, that’s slang for spending time sitting on the porch and watching the wildlife parade by.  I can think of a lot worse things to do.