Stephen J. Krasemann

Artist of the Wild



Autumn again, the most beautiful time in the woods and meadows.  Colours, from naples yellow to burnt alizarin crimson to all sorts of ochres and warm greens.  The vegetation displays all the complementary colours in pleasing settings.

I’m expecting to take several autumn trips to photograph and paint before settling into my studio for the winter.  But before I do,

there are apples to harvest and trees to prune, all my firewood is put up in the woodshed.

I raised almost 200 monarch caterpillars to chrysalises this summer, a good year.  I wonder about the late hatchers come later September and how they’ll fly out of the north to find some place with blooming flowers for food.  
I have a new gallery that represents my work.  Kess Gallery, in Ely, Minnesota, closed their doors this past September.  I’ve moved my boreal subject paintings to Yellow Bird Fine Art in Grand Marais, Minnesota and I am excited to paint some new landscapes for them this winter.